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Corporate Partners
Buildit Challenge is a tiny, innovative nonprofit organization that partners with community and educational organizations to serve STEAM students in the Miami Valley. There is no participation fee, and the Buildit Challenge event is available to all students, regardless of academic background. As as a challenge-by-choice activity, it allows each student to participate and learn at his or her own level. These positive early experiences in design thinking lay the foundations of a lifelong interest in inventive adaptation and improvisational play that give students the tools to fix, make, build, and change the world.

We are an ideal partner for companies looking to expand philanthropic initiatives, to enhance brand-building efforts, and to reach new audiences through grass-roots STEAM events.

Benefits of Sponsorship
Visibility and branding on Buildit Challenge website and printed materials for events 
Visibility through Buildit Challenge media coverage
Optional speaking engagements at Buldit Challenge events

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We work closely with diverse funders to build rich and mutually beneficial partnerships. Please contact us to learn more about our work and explore how Buildit Challenge can best meet your philanthropic objectives.

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