Sample Scorecard

The process
Two judges interview each student. After the interviews, each judge records an independent assessment of the project and the presentation using this scorecard. Projects are scored Olympic style, with 10 being the highest score. Most students received scores between 5 and 8 per line. 

The Judges
Volunteer judges for the Buildit Challenge are service-minded community members, engineers, builders, and designers recruited from professional organizations in the Miami Valley. Their primary goal is to encourage students during a short interview about the student's project. This is a unique meeting between one generation of innovators and the next, and my hope is that it helps to build interest in our students to pursue their talents in S.T.E.M. fields.

The Scorecard is a Snapshot
This scorecard is a snapshot of a student's performance at one point in time. It is a reflection on this particular project from the judges' perspective. On the Scorecard, J1 stands for the first judge to interview your student(s), and J2 is the second judge. 

Similar to a scorecard for a sports event, these scorecards DO NOT in any way assess a student's full ability or potential. They are nice to have for personal growth and personal records. Please keep this in mind if you choose to review the scorecard with your student(s). 

Each judge who interviews student(s) will write one comment on the scorecard. The comments don't always agree with each other.