Suggested Supplies

We encourage students to be resourceful in getting their own supplies by using recyclable items or repurposing household items to create projects.
Power tools are not necessary. Instead, try to choose materials and solutions that are easier for young engineers to manipulate with less hands-on guidance from adults. 

Some Suggested Materials:
Cereal boxes
Shoe boxes
Re-used / Reclaimed clean food containers
Clean plastic bottles and bottle caps
Egg cartons
Milk cartons
Paper towel tubes
Snap Circuits, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LittleBits, or other safe battery-powered electronics 
Old fabric, pillowcases or clothes cut into scraps
Bouncy balls ( small & medium) Mini basketballs
Various small toy animals, cars, ...
Clear packing tape 
Tempera paint
Assorted paper
Glue sticks- & glue guns - with proper supervision.
Duct tape
Pink insulation foam