What is Buildit Challenge?

Buildit Challenge is the name of a STEM project fair, and also the charity that organizes the event. In 2019 Buildit Challenge hosted three STEM project fairs for three different schools and community groups in the Miami Valley. Buildit Challenge has served 617 student participants and their families. 

We want to make STEM project fairs enjoyable celebrations of student talent.  Our mission is to build communities of hands-on learners who are discovering ways to apply STEM to fix, make, build, and change the world.  Buildit Challenge gives students a unique opportunity to engage with inventive adaptation and improvisational engineering, a process we like to call "Yankee ingenuity."

The Buildit Challenge event is fast-paced, with online scoring software to tally points in real-time. After the event participants receive scorecards like they would at a sporting event.